November 19, 2015


During Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, held from 10th to 12th November, the world-famous artist: Clet Abraham, was present on the OCME stand. He has "changed" the signs of half of Europe. Known simply as CLET, the Breton painter and sculptor who, since 1990, lives and works in Florence.

To mark the occasion at the fair he produced two artworks inspired by OCME’s PackettoTM.

The two artworks are intended to question one’s self about the purpose of Packaging, starting from the aesthetical purpose, to the ecological challenges, but also considering the economical aspects from an industrial aspect in terms of savings.

In both artworks, SMILE & SKULL, the pack becomes the teeth of the two smiling faces, considering the short and long-term aspects of Packaging, symbolizing something to which we all attach great importance and which is generally regarded to outlast us all.

It’s important to focus on the concept that has inspired these two artworks: to provoke thought about the need for packaging, above all in the Beverage sector, and thus real appreciation of the commitment in this area.

CLET ABRAHAM explains that:

“Art is communication and it must be able to draw attention. I believe that strong images, either positive or negative ones, can leave traces in the memory and by doing so, of the name associated with them”


Thanks to their innovative PackettoTM packaging concept, OCME was one of the finalists at the prestigious “World Beverage Innovations Awards”, and they received a mention for being “HIGHLY COMMENDED” in the category “Best environmental sustainability initiative”.

An excellent achievement that testifies to the value OCME innovations offer to all sectors of the market, not only that of the beverage industry.

PackettoTM is a revolution in the world of packaging, which is made possible thanks to OCME’s VEGA shrink-wrapping machines.

With Packetto™ solution, customers have access to new tools and solutions that can upgrade their brand image, saving money and raw materials, all in full respect for the environment.



With this last appointment at BRAU, OCME concluded their participation at exhibitions this year.

An exhibition in which there have been many innovations including:

  • A wall of screens 5K dedicated to the Vega PackettoTM system
  • A video preview of a new range of high speed machines
  • Animation live streaming, for the presentation of the new ‘IRIS’ remote service through the use of wearable devices
  • Exposure of the SMART PackettoTM packs produced by Coca-Cola Oricola (which is part of the Hellenic Bottling Company) thanks to the recent installation completed for this customer.

A year in which OCME was involved in more than 18 exhibitions, not to mention all the Open House events and other initiatives which we joined with great commitment.

We had a growth of 64% compared to the events of 2014, and we will not stop there…

Meanwhile, we are preparing for the coming year, which is also full of new events and news!

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