March 27, 2019

OCME aims at enhancing activities connected to the business social responsibilities linked to the territory.

For this reason OCME enthusiastically supported the documentary-film “Mat-Sicuri”, l’ultimo Diogene” (“Mat-Sicuri, the last Diogene”), created by the journalists Francesco Dradi, Fabrizio Marcheselli and Antonio Cavaciuti.

This project includes the extraordinary participation of the actor Alessandro Haber and will be presented at the Astra Movie Theatre in Parma on 28th March 2019 and then distributed in DVD.

For the everyone that did not have the chance to get to know him or his story, Enzo Sicuri was a Parma citizen, that was homeless by choice.

Residents in Parma called him, in dialect, “Mat” (crazy), but he actually was more than just a homeless person, he had his own life philosophy created from encounters, books and opera.

He started a sort of recycling system before it became important for everyone and we became environmentally conscious, he used to recycle cardboard, he lived in the city and in the nature, because he wanted to be free from impositions and consumerism.

The Mat Sicuri for over thirty years was a fixed presence in the city centre where he used to live and many Parma citizens still have memories and stories about him.

He lived outdoor, improvising shelters wherever he was, in the streets of the city centre, not hiding himself and choosing that kind of life again everyday. He was a living contradiction fighting what was considered normal in the society, clashing with the years of the economic boom in Italy. Enzo Sicuri, chose to still live in Parma, in his own city, a very peculiar behaviour as usually in his condition people want to change area and go far away from their past experience.

After thirty years from his death, Sicuri (1907-1988) today lives again in a documentary-film that wants to be a consideration of the modern society.

He is the only homeless person that has a monument in his name, with name and last name, in the Parma city centre, in the Macina square.

His life motto was:

“In life we can do without everything, but the air that we breathe”.

Carlotta Gatteschi, OCME Vice-President, about this says

“we grew curious about this project and it was natural for us to continue with the protection and adoption of the monument dedicated to this historical figure of our city. He was out of the schemes but very modern, in a world where still today we can get inspiration from him and reflect on what we want to do for us and for the society we would like to build for our children”.

locandina mat sicuri

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