May 3, 2016

In OCME the safety of employees always comes first, as well as the efficiency and the quality of its products. In 2014 it became necessary to create a sustainable system in order to:

  • Handle the waste reduction better
  • Define effective and efficient standards,
  • Improve the production processes aiming at meeting the market needs
  • Enhance OCME co-workers personal and professional growth.

For these reasons OCME decided to work together with Toyota, taking inspiration from the T.P.S - Toyota Production System. The goal is to improve OCME’s corporate culture by respecting basic principles, on which to build a path focused on the involvement of all resources, through the acquisition of lean and effective tools, able to develop the resource’s skills, as well as the definition of effective solutions for the optimization of working time.

This system can be defined through 3 main steps:

  • The "Kaizen": one of the supply chain management process that allows to streamline the flow of material, reducing material handling, and improving the production efficiency.
  • The "Pull": a process that allows the rationalization of time and space by managing the material according to the phases of assembly, eliminating or reducing the material stationing at the factory, and  ensuring the material being available wherever it is needed and at the right moment.
  • The "Board production stop": aimed at perfection by optimizing the assembly times as well as the production cycle reliability, by solving priority problems, and by focusing on People’s Empowerment.

Thanks to all of these latter processes, initially applied on the VEGA production line (OCME best-selling shrink-wrappers) great results have been achieved, such as:

These positive results have led to new targets:

  • Increased efficiency of assembly time
  • Reduced delivery time
  • Increased organization and order in the production departments
  • Saving on space and assembly movements

These positive results have led to new targets:

  • Consolidate the activities and results on the Vega production line
  • Expand over time the principles to all of our machines (partly already started)
  • Spread the culture and the attention to the customer
  • Empower the structure to the daily improvement
  • Extend the application of the principles to other areas involving not only the workshop but also the technical area, commercial, project managers, etc ..

This path led to the birth of OCME OPTIMUS, a long-term method of business processes organization, with the objective of concentrating the efforts of the whole team on the common goal of meeting the customer’s needs, in an organized and safe operating climate, optimizing the results.

During  OCME Open House, which took place on the 26th and 27th of April, one of this project’s objective has been met: it was presented to our customers and visitors in the "Training Room", a space where the working groups and dedicated  team leaders set up the objectives, the time and rules for each machine in order to obtain excellent results.

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