July 12, 2019

Industrial excellence strongly rooted in territory whilst at the same time  being a leader in markets worldwide; this is the vision of Robopac and OCME.

"It is essential for us to continue to create strength and unity in the territory - confirms Enrico Aureli, CEO of Robopac and OCME as well as President of UCIMA, the national association of manufacturers of packaging machines - through the promotion of our particularities, which make us known and appreciated throughout the world. Robopac and OCME intend to support exhibitions and events that combine themes such as culture, social commitment, sustainability and business".

The Group's commitment to their local area has recently broadened with OCME joining as a supporting member of Parma 2020 - Italy’s Culture Capital. In addition, Gabriele Folli, OCME's Communications Manager, has been appointed to the Board of Directors within the organization, responsible for achieving the objectives and implementing the city's application programme. Folli himself and OCME’s General Manager, Gaetano Libratti, also participated in the official presentation of Parma 2020, which took place on June 22nd at the Regio Theatre in Parma.

Additionally, earlier this month, CEO Enrico Aureli was among the protagonists of Domenica Live Parma 2019, a three-day festival of meetings and testimonies that, from May 31st to June 2nd, successfully energised Piazza Garibaldi in Parma. The event, organized for the second consecutive year by Parma’s Municipality Department of Culture in collaboration with national financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, has stimulated the relationship between Culture, Territory and Business that had previously been in decline in various areas. In the presence of important guests, the initiative has been a great success, offering an opportunity for discussion between citizens and entrepreneurs as well as an exciting sneak peek into Parma 2020.

Domenica live

With the recent 100% buyout of OCME, the Aureli family intend to further emphasize Aetna Group’s leadership worldwide, adding value with the presence of its companies in the territory and through interaction with all the local plants. A commitment that translates both into continuous internal innovation and development – always focusing on protecting the environment with renewable and recyclable materials as well as technological and business solutions that allow the greatest energy savings - in support of cultural initiatives capable of giving the right emphasis of both the ingenuity and the professionalism that characterizes the “Made in Italy”