March 16, 2017

In OCME our team always keeps up with trends, so that we can deliver our customers the innovations of tomorrow.

One of the first steps in designing the innovations of tomorrow is to understand the present, the market’s trends and the customer’s needs in a continuous flow of exchanging ideas.

For this reason, on the 8th of March, Davide Buratti, OCME R&D Manager and Oscar Gerelli, R&D Software Design took part in the smart table organized by B&R, one of our high technology suppliers, held at the “Culture’s palace” in Milan, Italy.

It was an important meeting point where our team, together with other representatives from ten great companies, took part in discussions focused on the topic “Innovation and Smart Manufacturing”.

During the event, representatives from the complete Italian production chain, contributed to describe in detail the current Italian situation, comparing the level of digital technologies and process optimization, sharing the daily shortages and tracing the possible future developments and implications of smart manufacturing.

The participants also exposed their background experience allowing to make the most of many unique and innovative visions for what concerns the implementation of the Industry 4.0 technologies.

In particular, OCME, already engaged with the European project “IMPROVE” to design the Factory of the Future, contributed with its know-how to manufacture solutions based on its customers needs, such as OCME’s modular line concept Blox®: a new way to design, build and manage the whole end of line, by combining the entire dry part of a production line into a single integrated and synchronized monoblock.

A high-performance solution for packaging and palletizing presenting the following advantages: increase of efficiency, space saving, reduced costs, high level of flexibility.

These are some of the trends that have emerged from the meeting:

  • Data centralization with its significant role and criticality in management, has been a crucial cross concept exposed among the many experiences of featured companies, along with other keywords, all essential for achieving smart manufacturing.
  • Acquisition, management and analysis are key-factors to transform data into useful information, to streamline the production process, or to create more service-oriented business models, where the B2B will merge with the B2C.
  • Centrality of the customer / user, with more urgent and changing needs, has emerged as the lever that drives the machinery manufacturers, integrators, and manufacturing sectors to ensure to reach maximum flexibility in production.
  • Modularity and scalability are two other concepts related to the introduction of the essential smart manufacturing technologies knowing industries have different requirements and needs depending on their size and business sector. However, all industries, from small workshops to large industrial groups, are experiencing the transformation of their industrial system.
  • Common connectivity standard: speaking one language to understand each other and to optimize essential interaction, as well as the need to train new professional figures more transverse, slightly less engineers and developing a little 'more creative’ mathematician skills.

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