Our Values

OCME's mission is to be a company where and with whom
it is easy to work.

We are recognized as being a systems manufacturer that meet the requirements
of its customer, ensuring high quality, reliability and safety.


Being a company identified as a technology leader is only possible thanks to constant product's innovations and flexibility in business processes. 

This objective is pursued through the analysis of the needs of the customers and the identification of more appropriate technical solutions, continuous investments for innovation and continual improvement of products, their industrialization and processes to meet customers’ expectations.

With the aim of providing a service that is in line with customer requirements, the Management intends to promote closer intergration between Ocme S.r.l. and its subsidiaries, for ensuring that Ocme brand will be increasingly identified worldwide as a reliable partner able to assist its clients in their growth and development process.

The key strategic factor fot the achievement of this goal is the development of Human Resources employed in the Company because, through their skills and knowledge, the
experience of older workers and the enthusiasm of the young, their creativity, the desire to
be part of the team and the awareness of the importance of their role, they contribute to the
achievement of company objectives.

Ocme S.r.l. is convinced that an essential condition for success is that those who work for the Company are proud of what they do and why they do it.
Sharing our values (respect for people, rules, different cultures and for ethical integrity when
doing business) shall be underlying principle of any action of whoever works with the Ocme group companies.
To achieve our objectives, the Management is committed to introduce, develop, support and
improve the Quality Management System. 

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