OCME does promote and support safety research, in order to improve its knowledge about the effects ot its activities, promptly applying its significant results and making the staff, suppliers and customers always more aware about safety procedures.

Furthermore, OCME uses specific components and solutions achieved on our products dedicated to maintain the safety for your staff to preserve high security standards follow safety international requirement and our customer’s specific request.

In OCME we pay great attention
to our employee’s health and safety,
whether during workdays or business trips.

Our solutions are also designed in such a way
to guarantee the highest safety standards
for your staff to be 100% protected.

Our employers

We promote safety as an integrated part of our lean manufacturing processes, through dedicated internal communication campaigns to awareness about the risk.

Furthermore, OCME organizes periodical seminars based on health protection during working hour as awareness against smoking.

We did establish a precise safety organization, dedicated to preserve our coworker’s safety, our machines also.
Every single day, our managers are doing the appropriate examinations and evaluations of their own activities in order to quantify the progresses made, and to ensure the security policies are being respected and to achieve annual objectives, based on safety parameters improvement.

OCME proceeded some voluntarily projects to improve the workplace’s safety.
One of this great project is the anti-seismic upgrading of the plant.

Furthermore, the company has started a new process of work equipment and plant modernization, following the results of a preliminary survey.






OCME also prevents its staff safety whenever they are on business trips around the world, adopting the international SOS service, that helps OCME to mitigate those risks and their associated costs and to monitor our employer healthcare or travel security.


OCME high safety standards are a guarantee for you:

Training for safety

Your staff gets a proper formation on machinery safety, thanks to regular training sessions.

Our customer’s staff training is organized after the  start-up safe to operate in security during the productivity.

OCME constantly keeps up-to-date about market & components evolutional trends for OCME machines security solutions.

Furthermore, OCME realeases high quality and very detailed manuals to inform your staff about all security procedures.

100% safe solutions

High consistent safety standards are required throughout the product supply chain as a minimum requirements.

To improve and guarantee both safety and productivity the risk assessments on the various types of products are established.

The safety-related parts of the control system are obviously made with safety rated components, in order to guarantee the required Performance Level of each safety function. We adopt integrated safety systems as well as high reliability certified components in order to reduce the breakdown’s probability: safety is definitely a key performance indicator.