Packaging Speaks Green is an international forum dedicated to the development of a culture of sustainability and circular economy in the packaging sector.

ROBOPAC and OCME will be one of the main sponsors at the international conference, held in the Fico Eataly World Bologna on 20 and 21 February 2020.

Debates and case histories with prestigious opinion leaders of the main companies in the sector will characterize a two-day event which intends to provide new tools and methods for the design of sustainable packaging.

An appointment focused on global trends in terms of materials for sustainable packaging, which provides a large number of international guests who will discuss three main macro-themes: legislation, retailers and Brand Owners, materials and technologies.

During the first day the agenda includes, experts from the USA, the European Union, India, China and Australia that will be presenting  the choices that the governments of these key markets are implementing  regarding packaging and environment, by raising the awareness  of the society and the industries.

Subsequently, some of the main global retailers will be presenting concrete examples of best practices in packaging management in the different product sectors, bearing witness to a concrete and continuous developing commitment.

The second day, the conference will be dedicated to technological innovation and ultimate sustainable materials with the participation of the main companies creators of replacement solutions for packaging.

University experts and researchers will give a scientific overview of the future of packaging , before concluding with the speech of our CEO, Enrico Aureli, that in the role of President UCIMA will talk about the Italian Packaging Machinery Excellence.

For further information regarding the agenda of the forum visit the officia webiste:

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