Libra Flex: New Rotary weight filler with innovative linear motor technology 

 The new OCME filling machine born to revolutionize the format change-over concept:

the combination of linear motor technology and the innovative flexible puck designed by OCME.

This new system allows to overcome the classic approach, intended as a replacement of stars, guides and supports for containers.

This flexible handling system where it is the puck to be conveyed inside the machine, this allows us to select the new recipe from HMI with a click and automatic centering according to selected recipe, automatic adjustment of infeed and outfeed.

The gripper fits perfectly the container shape



All this translates into a drastic reduction in container size changeover time, as all you need to do is load the new recipe from the operator panel (one click!) and the machine is ready to run.

Libra ensures the highest filling accuracy thanks to its highly advanced electronics based on algorithms developed during 20 years of application.
The machine is MID certified (metrological marking on the quantity of filled product).


High flexibility

High filling accuracy

Quick changeover

Maximum performance thanks to the motorised nozzle

Certified and sealed load cells

MID certification on weight of filled product

Processed products

HDPE bottles

PET bottles with body handling


Technical data

  • Libra can reach a speed of 40.000 bph with 1 liter container.

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  • rejection system
  • MID certification
  • anti-drip suction system
  • automatic pressurization system