Secondary packaging

A wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

The machines developed by OCME for Secondary Packaging are automatic shrink wrapping, automatic wrap-around packing or combi solutions (Shrink-wrapping and wrap around packing solutions), pick and place case packing and basket packer solution.

OCME focuses on high efficiency installations with high productivity, destined to various product sectors such ad edible oil, lube oil or beverage.

Our machine performance varies depending on the processed product, ranging from 40 to 150 cycles/minute for shrink-wrap packers, from 30 to 100 cycles/minute for wrap-around packers and Combi machines and  up to 40 carton/minute for pick and place case packing solution.

Basket Packer

The new innovative packaging machine developed to meet the increasingly frequent market demand for packaging with fully recyclable materials.

Shrink Wrapping machine

Discover tailor-made secondary  packaging solutions!

Wrap-Around Packing machine

A solution that thinks outside the box, with your product inside!

Shrink Wrapping machine

Discover tailor-made secondary  packaging solutions!

Pick and place

Two machines in one,  extremely compact, solution!