Pick and place Scorpius

The concept behind the design, is actually to have two machines in one: a divider – which split the infeed product in separate lanes according to the packaging pattern – and the pick & place cartoning unit.

Products enter che machine – in the staker unit - through a monofilar conveyor.

The exact amount of containers is properly dosed by rubber belts and moved from infeed to picking area where a cartesian manipulator, which is equipped with several picking grippers, picks up the containers and gently lays them down into the cartons.

To guarantee a very high picking efficiency, the grippers are shaped “around the container” in order to have the same exact negative geometry.

In that way it is possible to have a stiff picking avoiding any unwanted obscillation.




extremely compact machine

Fully electronic machine with brushless motors

Perfect match between gripping heads and the containers 

Easy and quick changeover

only one operator in less than 10 minutes and without any tool

Easy and quick installation of the machine

Movement designed and optimize
by a "machine digital twin"


PET bottles

Glass bottles

Metal tanks

Jerry cans


Technical data

Scorpius is capable to pack up to 40 cartons/minute.

Accepted cartons dimensions from 220mm x 200mm ( H=200mm) up to 500mm x 330mm (H=360mm).

Bottle minimum diameter 50mm.


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  • Heads replacement trolley which allows removing the picking heads from packer and transferring them in storage unit

  • 3D laser sensor at the outfeed of the machine capable to check that each carton has been properly filled with all required containers. If one or more containers are missing, the machine stops and give an alarm to the operator

  • Sensor at container infeed capable to check that each container is properly oriented