Upgrades & Spare Parts

A dedicated team of specialists from our technical department is available to study and design new spare parts and upgrades solutions.

Once received the request from the customer, a study of feasibility  based on the machine is opened accordingly. The technical department develop this request and proposes the best solution, using newest materials and technologies. Components and upgrades are then created and tested in OCME's workshops.

This process allows to maintain the value of your machine over time,
 through customer-tailored solutions.

first maintenance kit

Prevention is the best strategy, a stitch in time saves nine, for this reason OCME offers a kit to be ready when you will need timely some parts to replace worn out ones.
A first maintenance kit is something you never think to want until you need it, a "must-have".
When you are in need, it is very important that the wear parts for your OCME solution are near and ready to use.
The unproductive time caused by being unprepared can be reduced the minimum if you order your spare parts kit in advance and you will be ready to restart production in no time at all.

The spare parts in your dedicated maintenance kit are the ones that your system most likely requires during its lifecycle.

Kit for filling solutions

What you'll find in Libra's kit:

  • load cell
  • infeed starwheel encoder
  • screw belt
  • kit for filling nozzles pressure tuning
  • aspiration syringe
  • nozzle opening piston
  • drive Acopos
  • Pnoz expansion module
  • safety microswitch

 What you'll find in DARV's kit:

  • pre-assembled piston wheels
  • piston gaskets
  • pre-assembled on/off shutter
  • count sensor
  • safety microswitch
  • volume tuning inverter

Kit for shrink-wrapping solutions

What you'll find:

  • toothed belt and V-belts (all)(7 for S/N, 8 for HT)
  • film cutting blade
  • film rising belts kit
  • brushless motor
  • solenoid valve 
    (1 for S/N, 6 for HT)
  • drive Acopos
  • Pnoz expansion module
  • safety microswitch

Kit for wrap-around solutions

What you'll find:

  • 10 toothed belt and V-belts (all) 
  • blank rising Breco belt
    (1 for N40, 2 for N80)
  • 22 extractor rollers
  • brushless motor
  • movimot
  • solenoid valve
    (1 for N40, 2 for N80)
  • drive Acopos
  • Pnoz expansion module
  • Safety microswitch

Kit for pal & depal solutions

What you'll find in palletising kit:

  • 2 modular belts
  • 2 modular belts pinions
  • encoder
  • “parachute” stop cylinder
  • brushless motor 
  • (8pz) suction cups kit

What you'll find in depalletising kit:

  • outfeed conveyor modular belt
  • 6 modular belt pinions
  • encoder
  • movimot
  • brushless motor
  • (8pz) suction cups kit
replace your parts in phase out

OCME helps you discover which components of your equipment are (or seems to be) in phase out and guides you through  the choice of best upgrade according to your production aim.

This is really important for your business, because those old components are in phase out and can cause problems on your lines. 

By choosing those new technologies for your OCME machines, you will achieve countless benefits


Spare parts

Thanks to our fully-stocked warehouse and to a prompt and precise shipping system, OCME is able to grant the shortest possible delivery time.

High quality and efficiency are the main features of our spares, that are always checked and controlled before the shipment.

Our branches and agents together with OCME technical department can support you in identifying the part you need.

We can also provide lists of critical parts adapted to the machine's model and year, that, according to our experience, we would recommend in order to avoid machine stop due to the lack of spares.

Upgrades and retrofit

The constant research and development of new technologies applied to machines new supply can be even beneficial for older machines.

Our customers can evaluate "prepackaged" upgrades, grouped by families of machines, but also solutions specifically designed for their needs.

OCME supports you in the selection and installation of the most suitable upgrade for your machine, according to the project you need to realize. We combine your needs with our technical solutions, from the analysis to the realization and installation of your project.

Efficiency improvement, productivity increase, optimization of the machine performances and safety measures, realization of brand new products: these are some of the benefits we will provide, together with cost optimization and return on the investment.


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