Replace parts of your machine in phase-out


Though global pandemic lead to travel bans and difficulty in materials supply, that hasn’t stopped our research in innovation and development of best solutions on the maket.

OCME helps you discover which components of your equipment are (or seems to be) in phase-out and guides you through  the choice of best upgrade according to your production aim.

This is really important for your business, because those old components are in phase out and can cause problems on your lines. 

By choosing those new technologies for your OCME machines, you will achieve countless benefits:

Replacing an item in phase outbefore it brakes consists in a huge ROI.

Acting in time means avoiding shipping delays

Programming phase out items replacement means more precise installation schedule;

Thanks to new REMOTE CONNECTION, OCME will always be in touch, helping you to prevent issues related to components in phase out.

Discover WHICH ARE THE NEW technologies TO REPLACE on your EXISTING machines

The «white» ACOPOS B&R is going to be phased out soon.

On new machines OCME is now installing new B&R Servo ACOPOS P3

  • Shortest cycle time of 50 µs for current, speed and position control.
  • Smaller dimension
  • An 8EAD display module can be plugged to:
    • Viewing/setting the POWERLINK node number
    • Viewing operating system version of the 8EI servo drive
    • Viewing general information about the 8EI servo drive
Contact your area manager to request an offer or more info


  • Replacement of existing Acopos with Acopos P3
  • Replacement of existing Motors with new single cable series  (OPTION)
  • New SW developed with Automation Studio V4.23 or bigger.
  • Modification to PLC and HMI software to integrate new servo drive.
  • Electrical drawings and manuals upgrade.

Basic upgrade

  • Acopos P3 with existing motors. It is possible to keep existing motors and cables adopting Acopos P3 with adaptation cards and cables (for using existing motors/cables.)

Full optional - Recommended

  • Acopos P3 with new motors. Existing motors and cables will be replaced. New motors will be equipped with resolver Endat 2.0 (less responsive to interference.)
OPTION (valid for both Basic and Full upgrade)
  • Qty 1 Display module. Mobile panel that can be easily connected to each drive.

Extended machine lifecycle

Automation Studio new version

Shutdown prevention 

Maintenance and spare part cost reduction 

(phase out spare parts costs are higher than new generation ones) 

More reliability.

50 µs shortest cycle time allows to reduce motors stress

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