Privacy Issues - Treatment of personal information

Requests for information or data on behalf of visitors to the site may be subordinate to the insertion of personal information, which will be treated in full compliance with December 31st 1996 law no. 675 . 
Providing the above information is absolutely optional and at the discretion of the concerned party. 
All data provided may be used, subsequent to explicit consent to do so on behalf of the visitor, for commercial or mailing activities. 

OCME S.R.L. will handle all personal information only for the above-mentioned purposes, by means of information technology, telematic and at time manual instruments, in such a way as to constantly guaranty the safety of the information in question. 
The concerned party may at any time exercise the rights provided for by article 13 of the above-mentioned 31st December 1996 Law no. 675, visà-àvis OCME S.R.L. by sending an electronic mail message to the address or a letter addressed to the company offices.