Environmental Sustainability

Our CSR strategy is based on transparency and therefore
on concrete facts & figures.

Sustainability becomes a reality when it is anchored
to a profound sense of responsibility.
Covering the environment, economics and social main topics,
our approach is based on concrete actions, results and new goals.

Mobility management

Greener work / home trips

Working in partnership with local transport companies and public institutions, OCME has launched
a complete mobility program aiming at helping our coworkers to reduce their car’s CO2 emissions,
by adopting alternative greener transport's means.

Thanks to diverse agreements,
OCME offers reduced bus tickets and
monthly passes to its employees

Located just behind OCME’s headquarters,
a new car sharing pool platform has been launched,  with the possibility as well to benefit from the lowest available fares from the main Italian car sharing companies. 


An awareness campaign, combined
with a Bike2work contest is regularly organized to promote alternative means
of transport among our staff.

Greener work / customer trips

Our operators are exclusively using our fleet of company vehicles, working mainly with natural gas.
The CO2 savings we have been able to reach this year?
37% tons of co2 emissions less in comparison with the previous fleet.

WASTE management

OCME promotes the differentiation and recycling of industrial waste, for example separating between different families of plastic such as HDPE, PP, PET, LDPE, PVC, POLIZENE.

Through close collaboration with local companies specialized in recycling, OCME manages to differentiate all the recyclable material at very low cost.
In 2015 90% of the total quantity of industrial waste has been recovered.
We keep on promoting recycling internally, as being the normal behaviour to adopt.

CO2 management

The largest share of emissions is due to the use of natural gas
(452 tons, 62%), decisively higher than the one due to electricity
(281 tons, 38%).

OCME is equipped with a photovoltaic system which allowed
a 200 tons of Co2 savings yearly, from self-produced electricity  (not supplied by the network).

A new low-consumption thermomechanical power plant
(for offices heating and cooling control) has been installed in 2015,
drastically decreasing gas consumption as well as Co2 emissions by down to 28%.

Energy saving

On average, the total yearly consumption of electricity is 1,430,000 kWh,
58% of which is supplied by the distribution network, while 42% is self-funded, thanks to our photovoltaic system.

The photovoltaic system generates about 1,010,000 kWh/year, 59% of which is consumed internally and 48% is given back to the network.

As part of OCME’s energy saving program, the whole lighting system has been
through a complete Relamping process, leading to a Kw consumption saving of 61%.

Construction of the new OCME's offices

As part of its sustainable growth, the number of job openings is increasing, and therefore so is our structure, most of all for what concerns our headquarters offices. A new office building has recently been built following the latest and highest standards in terms of energy efficiency

  • A-level energy class efficiency
  • The heating and cooling process is guaranteed through heat pump power plant (not natural gas), to take major advantage of the photovoltaic system provided energy
  • The internal lighting system is based on LEDs and Dali digital control system