Edible Oil

Thanks to our long experience in this sector, OCME solutions for customized edible oil lines play a leading role in terms of capability to handle various types of containers, including the lightweight bottles.

A strict co-operation with the biggest worldwide customer, who have  highly demanding technical profile, has lead OCME to develop tailor made solutions for glass, hdpe and pet containers. Our turnkey solutions can include traditional depalletizer for glass or very compact solution with block blowmoulding-filling for pet bottles. All OCME solutions can be integrated with third parties machines whenever necessary, and can even cover logistic warehouse needs thanks to our LGV Auriga series.


From 0.5 to 5L  PET

From 10 to 20L PET / HDPE

From 0.5 to 5L  GLASS

FROM 0.25 TO 1LT glass/pet - edible oil filling line




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