Since our company’s birth, the Research & Development department has always been an essential component of our success.

In fact, from the 70s to now, over 80 patent have been registered in demonstration of OCME’s innovation constant activity. Our aim isn’t to produce machine but cutting-edge answering the market’s challeges to meet demands  affordably, sustainably and securely.

We offer highly technological solutions for you to always stay one step ahead.


Our team

Our R&D team is strong of a full range of skills in the mechanical, electronic
and informatic fields , 
with high experience and creativity skills.

These skills are enriched by a whole set of collaboration,
which shaped pur strong “Innovation Network”



Action is also a key process to invention.

We’ve launched OCME Innovation Lab to therefore stimulate our daily creativity. 

Our work is based on area tests, prototypes launch,
but also customized ideas based on our customer’s request. 

OCME innovation Labs success formula has been applied to develop solutions in different application’s fields, based on the market’s greatest challenges:


In 2013 Packetto™Lab was born, a laboratory dedicated to improve the quality of secondary packaging. Qualified experts, working with the dedicated equipment is used to develop new solutions and test new materials. The aim of this lab is to provide support to our customers in order to get the best possible products and reduce production costs to the maximum. Every year Packetto™ Lab generates over 10.000 bundles to reach the most optimal result.


In the FillingLab, our researcher’s team analyzes the products that our customers are selling, we conduct numerous tests using different filling stations.

In this lab, we determine the correct equipment and configurations to be used on our filling machines to keep on increasing their performance.


An entire department is dedicated to the construction of prototypes and test’s settings, our technicians and engineer’s team commit every day to improve OCME’s solutions and to develop leading edge products and customized projects to answer the market’s needs of tomorrow.

OCME’s Innovation network


To keep on offering the most advanced technological solutions to our customers.

The “Innovation network” of long term projects allows us to benefit of multiple collaborations with expert’s companies, laboratories, universities, etc..

Thanks to this work in synergy, our team is stronger and can therefore develop and create complete new solutions,
to guarantee the highest level of innovation:

Prestigious national and international universities 

The technological data transfers with Universities and great research institutions plays a fundamental role in our R&D process. Our team can benefit from fresh and external advice and feedbacks, to challenge its creativity daily. 

Research Institutions

OCME also works in synergy with the main market experts institutions, as well as the world’s leading market researchers to analyse and anticipate the market’s challenges and to discover and adopt the latest and most innovative components available on the market.

Industry partners / external laboratories 

OCME has been chosen to take part to an European funded project is to create the “ VIRTUAL FACTORY OF THE FUTURE”, by providing IT services to support users, particularly relating to the problems of optimization and monitoring of the plant’s operations.

Major suppliers

In over 60 years of experience OCME has developed a “trust network” together  with other key companies. This led us to share new ideas, theories, technologies, experiences and synergies with these partners. A pool of companies, organizations and highly qualified professionals workly together to re-invent packaging, filling and handling solutions in the fast moving consumer’s market.

OCME’s patents

OCME’s most important registered patents are focused in the palletizing’s field.

Among them, the patent of programmable foils has enabled OCME to provide a unique robotic palletizing solution allowing to reach major speed and precision, really above the average.

We also registered important patents related to Secondary Packaging’s new solutions:

  • Smart Packetto™,
  • Eco Packetto ™ ,
  • Party Packetto™,
  • Hybrid Packetto™

PackettoTM , thanks makes perfectly commitment in offering the most profilable solutions, reaching great performance.





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