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Do you need support on your machine?

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Our supply chain must supply high quality materials and services, in order to maintain the high level of machinery and installations that OCME sells throughout the world.

In OCME we are of the opinion that the initiatives towards innovation and reliability are of major importance.
We keep on improving our processes daily, with the objective of increasing the efficiency of our supply chain and to obtain maximum Customer satisfaction.

Hereunder, the list of commitments we require from eventual new partners who would like to be part of OCME’s supply chain:

  • Zero tolerance towards defects
  • Reliable and flexible delivery: for 100% punctuality
  • Firm commitment to grow with us: with the capability to support our growth
  • Technology orientated: for the continuous improvement of the product processes
  • Predisposition to Lean production principles: one piece flow
  • Ethical standards without compromises and responsible entrepreneurial relations

If you think you could be OCME's partner, please supply the required information as listed in the available form*:

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*No information given by you will be divulged to third parties, without your explicit consent.


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