In OCME you get the opportunity to be more than an employee:

You are part of an international reality, facing global challenges and making a difference on the market's trends evolution.

We consider each and every OCME member as being part of one unique team, who thanks to their life story and creativity are directly contributing to our success.

With over sixty years' experience, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries and evolving. Under a long-term commitment to workforce expansion, OCME seeks candidates who are eager to grow with the company and fulfill their potential, with the conviction that enthusiasm and passion are the real secrets to success. Our success is the result of the efforts we're dedicating to empower our team  to face everyday challenges,in both their personal and professional lives.

Among these challenges, safety at work is one of our top priorities, as well as the wellbeing of OCME's employees, which is also a key factor in our long-term sustainable success.

OCME promotes the professional development of human resources and makes the most of their role, providing employees with ongoing training and safeguarding their quality of life too.



With the aim of intercepting, developing and retaining the best international professionals, OCME takes care of its employees by promoting a corporate culture focused on continuous training and collaboration.

OCME is always looking for new talents, from recent graduates to highly experienced people. In order to facilitate their integration into the Group, there are on-bording and coaching programs, to welcome new resources, provide them all the necessary information to become members of the organization and be able to offer their contribution.

Promoting the development of people means ensuring a professional response to the needs, valuing differences and being able to foresee and solve problems. OCME is a young and fast-growing company that relies on trained and international professionals, to face challenges, intercept and develop new market trends.

In order to continously enhance human resources, OCME is looking for candidates who are interested in working in a context of excellence, confident that enthusiasm and passion are the real key to success and the way to keep growing and innovating.





OPEN positions








OCME maintains constant relations with local institutions (e.g. universities, municipal and provincial authorities, secondary schools, training bodies, ...) to ensure that ongoing research and job opportunities with OCME benefit from excellent visibility

Build your future with us, thanks to the "OCME Talent Lab" program: you'll be trained to become a key player in the market of tomorrow.

Shaping the future trends sounds like a great challenge, doesn't it?
OCME talent Lab is a programme dedicated to high school leavers and young graduates that aims to recruit talented young people seeking a first step on the career ladder.

A personalised training programme, with on-the-job mentoring and experience in the field, which offers candidates the prospect of excellent professional growth.

OCME TALENT LAB was established with the aim of annually recruiting highly qualified professionals like mechanical, software and electronic designers, and technical inspectors to join the company.

Thanks to partnerships with secondary schools and universities, each year we are able to select and recruit numerous youngsters  for this introductory training programme.

MY THESIS IN OCME which offers final-year university students of engineering valuable experience with the company to help them
write their thesis

The “ALTERNATING SCHOOL/WORK” project with technical institutes and secondary schools, offering company internships as valuable future career guidance for students

OPEN HOUSE RECRUITMENT which sees OCME open its doors to young undergraduates and graduates interested in pursuing a career within the company.
An opportunity for potential candidates to explore the practical aspects of working for OCME


For OCME, promoting the well-being of its workers means contributing positively to their quality of life with services and activities in line with their real needs.

A company policy that sees a strong correlation between the satisfaction of its employees and the growth of the business and, for this reason, is committed to creating a healthy, engaging and respectful working environment that promotes productivity and the desire to always improve.


A programme that puts at the disposal of all employees a series of tools to help achieve the ideal work-life balance for example:

  • company canteen,
  • flexible working hours,
  • working hours bank,
  • time off for doctor's appointments,
  • subsidies for nurseries,
  • pre-school,
  • children's day care facilities,
  • laundry services
  • CAAF tax assistance within the company,
  • butler service
  • many more

CRAL (Company recreational club)

With initiatives and special deals to promote:

  • SPORT (cycling, tennis, swimming and gym membership),
  • CULTURE (free tickets for dance, prose and opera),
  • TOURISM (with organisation of trips and discounted rates for holiday home rentals at the beach and in the mountains).

In addition to a wide range of DEALS that the company has negotiated with numerous businesses and private clinics, DONATIONS and gestures of Solidarity

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