There is a wide range of services that OCME is able to offer to its customers after the purchase and installation of their equipment.

Rely on our expertise to anticipate any eventual problem, but also on our responsiveness for a maximum assistance support.
For your peace of mind's sake and for long terms savings: a little investment goes a long way...

The services offered are strategically designed to add value to our customer’s machines and systems over the years (based on cost-efficiency and long-term performance), and to maintain a relationship of trust and collaboration with the customer, preventing any causes of failure and promptly resolving any problems that arises.

The Service Contract is modular and flexible in order to meet your specific needs, and is generally divided into two categories:


The aim is to prevent the emergence of problems and failures that can lead to the malfunctioning or stop of the equipment.

This avoids compromising the equipment's efficiency, and allows to improve performance by increasing the expertise of your staff, all at a predefined cost which is fixed for the whole contract's duration.

Accurate check-up and professional report

Diagnostic visits allow us to maintain the performance level of your equipment throughout its lifetime.

Thanks to the presence of OCME Engineers, the condition of the equipment will be checked periodically in order to minimize downtime or malfunctioning. After the diagnostic visit, the OCME Engineer will draft a professional report and submit it to the customer for approval.

This report is a prerequisite to the planning of future maintenance.

Programmed overhaul with the maintenance kit

Thanks to the Programmed Maintenance Plan the equipment will undergo a thorough overhaul carried out by OCME Engineers, who perform the intervention periodically during the duration of the contract (typically, one or two times per year), according to the Diagnostic visit report and approved by the Client.
In addition to the workforce, the maintenance program even includes the provision of the Maintenance Kit, which includes all the necessary parts, as detailed in the diagnostic visit report.
Thanks to this option the Customer will benefit from an all-inclusive package with a fixed annual fee for the duration of the contract, facilitating annual budget estimation processes.

Customized training sessions

OCME TRAINING ACADEMY offers a wide range of training sessions carried out by professional trainers, so that operators, maintenance engineers and senior engineers can control the equipment safely and effectively.
Thanks to a flexible approach, OCME Training Academy offers, in addition to basic courses, training programs tailored to the specific needs of the customer with sessions available on-site, on-line and on-demand. 
In the context of a proactive strategy, we can build customized training by annual subscription.

OCME TRAINING ACADEMY then agrees with the customer an amount of days for training during the year.


This service is conceived to solve unforeseen problems as quickly as possible, with the benefit of an overall reduction of downtimes, optimization of the spare parts management, all within agreed and guaranteed reaction times.

24/7 Whenever. Wherever.

With the new Call Center: 24/7 Customer Contact Service, OCME is able to ensure the best qualified support within an agreed reaction time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, throughout the world.
The specialists for every type of machine will be available for the customer, to provide him with the highest level of remote support.

Interventions within agreed reaction time

OCME can rely upon the skills of its Engineers to perform on-site interventions at the Customer premises. In the event that the remote assistance has not been successful, or accordingly to a specific request, OCME ensures the on-site intervention of its Engineers within guaranteed reaction times thanks to OCME worldwide Service Points.

Quick access to parts prone to breakage

The Dedicated Stock option ensures the availability of spare parts - stored in OCME Italy and at its Subsidiaries premises - that will be supplied to the Customer through Fast Delivery Service, under guaranteed Service Level Agreement within 24 or 48 hours. In this way the Customer can prevent downtime due to spare parts delivery time.

One more year after the standard

OCME's Extended warranty insures the customer’s equipment support within guaranteed reaction times, for 1 year after the expiration of the standard warranty.
The Extended Warranty option provides for the supply of spare parts and of the components required to restore the equipment.

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