Aetna Group decided to preside over the event with 145 square metres of exhibition area at Booths E-040 / D-037, dedicating ample space to end-of-line packaging proposals.

Having served as the Group's representative since 2012, the Robopac Brasil subsidiary will continue to serve as the Group's representative - aware of the value the South American market represents for the Castel San Pietro Terme-based company as well as having knowledge of the territory to which it can respond based on the group's glocal strategy. In summary, channelling the technological excellence of Made in Italy towards the specific needs of local markets. Located in Bento Gonçalves (Rio Grande Do Sul), Robopac Brasil underwent a complete redesign in 2020, which further increased the quality of the machines produced.

As a result, the Aetna Group will showcase several innovations at Fispal Tecnologia in partnership with Robopac Brasil: technology and connectivity are the predominant features of Exata 4.0, a filling machine equipped with a computer that allows high filling accuracy, productivity and quality, as well as the ability to collect data and manage the production line comprehensively. The Helix 3 EVO automatic rotary arm wrapping machine - ideal for light, easily deformed and unstable products, packed even in large pallets - will be presented here in its most complete version, equipped with Top Cover and the R Connect system for monitoring operations, processing and data storage.

A concept developed entirely by Robopac Brasil is the Compact Drop Packaging Machine, which is small in size and very efficient for both low-weight and complex bottles.

A very high production standard is also that of Nuova Forma HD case erector, which is ideal in the erection of thick and hard double-wave cardboard cases as well as recyclable and malleable ones.

High performance is also recorded by the rotary tables of the Masterplat series - here offered in the PGS 1650 version - which combine product protection and film savings thanks to the pre-stretch with which Masterplat PGS is equipped as standard.

Finally, Robot S7, the latest generation self-propelled packaging machine with high packaging autonomy and Stop&Go function for immediate stop at obstacles and automatic restart, is not missing. It is here

proposed in the PSV version, equipped with the dual-motor pre-stretch carriage. Pre-stretch ratio can be adjusted via the control panel from 0% to 500%.

The new edition of Fispal Tecnologia will therefore be a showcase of excellence. This, once again, will enable the Aetna Group to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic market and allow it to evolve towards even more sustainable growth, characterised by the quality, safety and functionality of all its products.
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