Following the success of the TECH HUB + digital event format, a new event dedicated to automatic applications for the food industry is coming soon.

Using practical examples and case studies, Robopac and OCME staff will explain in detail the performance and potential of the technological solutions taken into account, answering participants' questions and requests.
TECH HUB + Food (auto) will be accessible ON DEMAND to all customers and stakeholders after registration

The Audio will be available in:

The theme "automatic solutions for the food sector" will be explored through the explanation and analysis of three success stories related to Robopac and OCME products and services, showing the audience the effectiveness of the solutions proposed and the results obtained. Being close to their customers with digital aggregation tools is an activity that, together with continuous support and updating, is of primary importance for the companies of Aetna Group, which have always been inclined to approach each project as a partner of their customers. 

From secondary packaging to palletizing and load stabilization: the Terre di San giorgio case study with Dimac Nova and Palwrapp

With production ranging from ready-made sauces and passata to industrial processed products, Terre di San Giorgio offers high quality products thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies to guarantee high standards and maximum safety. With the introduction of the Dimac Nova, the latest addition to the family of shrink wrappers and case packers – by Robopac Packers - , the company is now able to carry out all the classic secondary packaging solutions (tray and film, tray only, film only, layer pad and film), at speeds of up to 35 cycles per minute. Completing the end-of-line is a solution for both palletizing and load stabilization: Palwrapp, a compact, modular pallettizer, combined with the Robopac wrapper equipped with Cube Technology.

Flexibility and safety with Helix 3 EVO equipped with VCA12 corner APPLICATOR: the case study of a historic pasta factory 

An important Italian pasta factory turned to Robopac for solutions to ensure safe transport of its products, not only in Italy but worldwide.

With an international market and shipments as far away as South Africa and Australia, the pasta factory was looking for a reliable wrapping solution that would guarantee both production autonomy and high flexibility. In this context, Robopac offered a state-of-the-art and versatile answer with the Helix 3 EVO rotary arm winder with integrated VCA12 corner application device.

Increasing production with WA Major from the Tray & Lid series: De Matteis Alimentare case study

The collaboration between Sotemapack - a business unit of Robopac - and De Matteis Alimentare - one of Italy's leading producers of durum wheat pasta - began in 2010 with the first supply of advanced packaging machines. Given the excellent results achieved by the production line over the years, from 2017 to 2019 Sotemapack installed 12 more wrap around machines.

Specifically, the WA Major automatic solutions of the Tray & Lid series proved to be optimal solutions to process boxes up to a size of 600mmx400mm, allowing secondary packaging of the bottom and lid type, both for pasta in pouches and pasta in bags.

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