Anti-fragility: a word that indicates our innate ability and that inherent in organisations to evolve in times of difficulty, to thrive and achieve better and more powerful results than in ordinary times.

With this theme, Prof. Giuseppe Vercelli met with top management and 130 other employees in the Leonardo Room at Castel San Pietro Terme, Aetna Group Headquarters, at the conclusion of the 2022 training cycle.

Learning from our Group experiences, valorising and using our 'heritage' memory, enhancing our competences to create a community of intentions, working together and in relationship, will be our cornerstones to achieve our future goals, starting from the imminent 2023.

Not only. Openness to change, creativity, adaptation to uncertainty, management of the unexpected, reactivity and quick thinking, aptitude for challenge and competitiveness, emotional intelligence are some of the concepts inherent in the theme of anti-fragility, which both the organisation and its people must have

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