On 26 and 27 September it will be possible to visit our production plant in Parma and learn about the company's post-sales digital history, technology and services.

OCME participates in the "Emilia-Romagna OPEN" initiative promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region in collaboration with AR-TER: a journey through the excellence of industrial innovation allowing people to discover the excellent productions and manufacturing processes of the most advanced corporate museums and research centres in the region.

On 26 and 27 September, OCME will be hosting a visit to discover how, since 1954, the company has grown and consolidated its activity on the design and construction of the most innovative packaging solutions worldwide. The guided tour includes a reception for participants in the Visitor Center where, through cutting-edge multimedia tools, the history of the company, the main areas of intervention, the technologies developed, and the digital services realized for post-sales will be illustrated.

The tour then continues into the production departments where it will be possible to see the assembly and testing of the OCME range of machines (fillers for viscous liquids, cartoning and bundling machines, palletizing systems and laser-guided shuttles). The tour ends with a visit to TechLab, the research and development department where new products and innovative technologies are tested for reducing consumption and optimizing processes, with a view to environmental sustainability.

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