OCME's approach to issues such as environmental protection is daily and is part of the mission and values of OCME.

This is the reason why we are proud to have hosted the Mobility Management conference and workshop on September 21st at our HQ, where representatives of Parma companies and institutions had discussed the theme: Intramodality.

The event, part of the European Mobility Week program (http://www.mobilityweek.eu/) is intended for the sharing of the European commitment by institutions, organizations and individuals to facilitate and incentivize the use of sustainable transport.

A project that OCME has always promoted, working in partnership with local transport companies and public institutions, launching a complete mobility program that aims to help our colleagues to reduce the CO2 emissions of their cars, by the adoption more ecological means of transport.

Precisely for this reason, as a further step towards an increasingly sustainable transport and zero impact, we inaugurated the new electricity columns for car charging together with Tiziana Benassi - Councillor for environmental sustainability policies of Parma.

Among our daily challenges, in addition to protecting the environment, there is the wellbeing and safety of OCME employees, which is also a key factor for our long-term sustainable success.

In order to involve our team in this challenge, an awareness campaign was set up, combined with a Bike2work competition to promote alternative means of transport among our staff.

As a result of this event we wanted to further weld the commitments of OCME with the community including both the institutions of the city of Parma and the companies present in the area so that, by networking, we can talk about conducting activities in order to respect the balance between the environmental and economic needs of the whole community.


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