IT Solutions

OCME has never been so close to you!


In OCME there is a series of smart systems and services at your disposal, involving a cooperation between customers and OCME technicians. Our call service and wearable devices will give you the opportunity to talk directly to OCME senior engineers, available at OCME headquarters, in case of any critical matters arising during production.

These different types of remote supports will allow to reduce downtimes as quickly as possible, thanks to the use of innovative tools that do not require the presence of the technicians on site. 



Call service
OCME 24/7 Customer Contact Service allows our customers to restore the optimum conditions of the machine in case of unexpected malfunctioning, thus ensuring the minimization of recovery time and the maximum return on investment.

With your previous authorization, OCME technical specialists will provide real time remote support  to the operator working on the machine, in order to detect the nature of the failure as quickly as possible, limiting or, if possible, avoiding on-site interventions. In case of emergency you can contact the CALL CENTER through dedicated phone numbers and PIN code.

The system will identify the Customer and the CALL CENTER operators will detect the information about the machine affected by the problem and will activate the contact between you and OCME's specialist.

The high know-how and professional experience of OCME Senior engineers will be therefore available for all customers, no matter where they are located, and despite physical distance.


The most experienced technical support has never been so close to you: thanks to the use of wearable devices we are able to give real-time technical support to our engineers and customers.

Users will be able to directly look into a machine or a particular problem and to show directly to our technicians in OCME Headquarters what the issue is. Thanks to audio-video support,
we will be able to improve the way we receive or give support on our machines around the world.

This system will easily help our Senior engineers or your technical staff to connect, in order to get a much better support in troubleshooting issues remotely.

The distance won’t be an obstacle anymore.



The systematic and logical registration of the cause of every issue that we've happened to face over our long-lasting experience, allows us to support our customers with the indication of possible corrective measures and solutions.

Troubleshooting often involves an activity of elimination, in a kind of step-by-step escalation that will lead to detect the failure and solve it.

Thanks to the use of proper tools, and with the customer’s authorization, we are able to grant a remote connection to your equipment so that we can  monitor them, with a direct control from our operational headquarters.

Technical documentation 

This online service is conceived to facilitate the consultation of OCME's documentation, duly updated after any modification carried out on your machine.

In this section you will also find the machine user’s guide as well as electrical drawings.

An interesting feature is the possibility to browse the drawings of machine sub-assemblies, to select the spare part that you wish to purchase, and automatically send a request to OCME.  It is also possible to see the part code and to identify where it is installed on your machine.

This service is available for free for machines delivered from January 2007 onwards.
You can request the activation for machines delivered from 2001 to 2006 to your OCME referent.



OCME is developing a mobile app for customers in order to digitalize some existing processes and convey some new possible features:

  • Convey information about the Service area from OCME to our customers
  • Make easier the request of technical support for any problem that may arise on machine
  • For Service Contracts owners, it will provide all the useful information related to the service coverage (SLA, machine list, ticket management, etc.)
  • Management of multimedia contents for training purpose (training and e-Learning) and for document handling purpose (such as manuals for example).
  • Access points for the remote support service, with wearable devices
  • Creation and management of the order's status for spare parts, service, etc..
  • Interactive information on predictive maintenance, TCO, etc.