Greci Industria Alimentare is an important Italian company specialized in high quality food service and semi-finished products, which in 2023 celebrates 100 years of activity

With headquarters in the province of Parma, a headquarters in France and a production and commercial branch in Spain, the company exports its Made in Italy products worldwide, with an important presence in the main international markets.

In 2014 the company joined the Carisma Group, thus strengthening the skills in gastronomy, agronomy and construction of agri-food chains of the Holding, which already embraces two brands of excellence in the food sector: Fini and Conserve della Nonna.

With cutting-edge production processes oriented to the care of the environment and resources, Greci represents an ideal combination of innovation and tradition linked to the territory and Italian gastronomic culture. A story of great passion and success that involved Robopac's solutions for the first time in 1999 and that today is renewed with an upgrade dedicated to the end of the line. Dimac Nova 40P was, in fact, the answer to the increase in productivity of the company, looking for a high-performance solution in step with the new performance parameters, easy to use and maintain.

This technology from the Robopac Packers division is designed with a modular design, which allows you to manage packages with trays and films of various sizes through an intuitive and flexible control panel. Another plus of the proposed solution is to integrate accessories and options, making it possible to customize it according to the production characteristics.

In a view of environmental protection shared with Greci, in fact, the packaging material has been reduced in some formats, making it sufficient to use only film in packaging that previously also required carton. Dimac Nova has also been designed to be easily managed by operators with a quick and easy manual format change. Concerning maintenance, the system allows the operator to access the film assembly easily and without wasting time. It is an application that is particularly suitable for liquid products, whose primary packaging can break compromising the cleaning of the film.

The collaboration between Greci Industria Alimentare and Aetna Group began with the installation of the Helix HS30 stretch wrapper with rotating arm, present at the end of the line for tertiary packaging since 1999. A solution that still maintains the performance that meets the needs of the customer, the ability to stabilize the load and optimize the winding material, demonstrating great durability over time for quality and performance. In the same year, the Dimac Star Film and Dimac Green Star shrink wrappers were installed, the last one was then replaced in October 2022 by the Dimac Nova 40P. In addition to these solutions, several semi-automatic pallet wrappers from Robopac Machinery are present at the plant and a Rotoplat 3000 HD automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating table from Robopac Systems installed in 2021.

With the latest generation machines, Greci confirms its trust in the Group with the aim of increasing the productivity of the line and thus reducing time to market. A winning collaboration also favored by the proximity of the plants, which made it even easier to coordinate technical assistance and the supply of spare parts.


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