In Baden (Austria), the company Nöm AG processes hundreds of millions of litres of milk each year into a wide range of world-famous dairy products.

Respect for the land and animal welfare are values that the company has carried forward for over 125 years, while maintaining the highest quality standards thanks to an efficient, state-of-the-art production chain.

In 2022, Nöm renewed its strategic partnership with Robopac,  which led to significant improvements in the packaging and stabilization process. These are production steps that, if handled efficiently, can be decisive in reducing time to market and potential damage to goods related to cargo handling and transport.

The stars of this upgrade are two Robopac-branded packaging technologies that stand out in terms of reliability and production standards.

The first, the Prasmatic TC600 COMBI, is a combined shrink-wrapper and case packer with performance ranging from 55 to 65 packs per minute, perfectly efficient in format changeover and equipped with a separation and de-bundling system that guarantees a continuous flow, from the channelling of products to the exit of the packs into full high trays.

prasmatic  genesis thunder

The second solution chosen is the Genesis Thunder HS model, an automatic rotating ring wrapping machine designed to achieve top performance in terms of both speed and material savings, as well as load stabilization. With a production rate capacity of up to 130 pallets per hour, the wrapping machine has been equipped with Robopac's patented 4-storage VCA corner applicator system, which allows cardboard corners to be applied to protect the pallet edges.

Following the success of the first unit, Nöm further expanded its plant with the acquisition of a second Prasmatic TC600 Combi, confirming Robopac's ongoing commitment to providing solutions that exceed customer expectations.

At the heart of the production plant are other technologies developed and integrated under the leadership of the Aetna Group, starting with the Genesis Futura 40 automatic rotating ring wrapping machine.

Installed in 2018, this model was chosen by Nöm due to its renowned qualities such as low consumption and ease of maintenance, and it still performs its function to the full satisfaction of the customer. In the same context, there are no less than five Meypack case packers, a historical German brand recently acquired by the Group with the aim of expanding its product range and enhancing its competitiveness in the market.

The seamless integration of the range of solutions in the plant demonstrated Robopac's ability to adapt to the specific needs of its customers, working in synergy to achieve their goals. Thus, the partnership between Nöm AG and Robopac is not only an example of a successful project from both a technical and operational point of view, but also represents tangible evidence of how innovation in the packaging and stabilizing machinery sector can lead to concrete and lasting results.


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