With a widespread presence in over 120 countries around the world, Olitalia is a company specialized in the foodservice of oils and vinegars based in Forlì. The link with the territory is very strong, but just as significant is the international vocation that makes it a leading company from both an entrepreneurial and a technological point of view.

In February 2018, Olitalia, who knew Robopac for the technology of its individual solutions, contacted Robopac asking for a wrapping and secondary packaging solution for a new production and packaging line of their oil.
With the evolution of the project, the main challenge that Robopac had to face was certainly having not to propose single machines but, for the first time, a complete end-of-line solution. This was also made possible following the acquisition of Sacmi packaging, thanks to which it was possible to include Robopac branded palletizers and therefore start to present itself on the market as complete end-of-line supplier.

Another major problem faced was the space made available by the customer, which required a strong customization of the layout to fit within the reduced space of the plant.

Robopac has therefore supplied a complete end-of-line, placed downstream of the filling line for edible oil and milk, able to handle edible oil in PET bottles of 2-3-5 liters in 3x2, 2x2 and 2x1 configuration, while milk of 3-5 liters in 2x2 configuration, using wrap-around carton and full height tray.

The system consists of a bottle diverter and a Robopac Wrap-around case packer TC600W, with a maximum speed of 55 packs per minute. At the outlet of the TC600, a weight control system and a product conveying line consisting of belts, two SpiralVeyor up and down, and a input plate diverter to the Palletizer have been integrated. 
The palletizing island is characterized by a ROBOPAC ARES 2CP/P with dual input at 90°, with single-column, feeder systems and double pallet magazine, with curtain clamp, while the wrapping island is composed by a high speed ROBOPAC GENESIS CUBE wrapping machine with rotating ring, with automatic reel changing ARC/1M system , an automatic feeder VCA4 system and a pallet transport system with pallet stacker AC 1200.

This project has been very important for Robopac, which has demonstrated how the versatility and flexibility of its single machines perfectly matches the ability to develop complete end-of-line solutions, all under the Robopac brand. Quality is always the added value that Robopac guarantees for its technologies aimed to reduce TCO as for customer care, ensuring the best customization according to customer needs.
The collaboration with OCME was also very significant in this project, whose know-how and commercial experience in complete end-of-line solutions have been strategic. TechLab's support was also fundamental: thanks to research and load stability tests, Robopac was able to offer to the customer an optimal solution for wrapping the product, reducing the use of consumables and at the same time increasing load stability, thus allowing Olitalia to stand out and be even more competitive on markets all over the world.

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