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Ares | © OCME

Our single-column palletizer with its range of grippers easily adapts to the needs of your product, handling it with care and high performance

Ares | © OCME
Extremely compact and flexibility machine
Maximum speed of 420 layers/hour. 
Fully automated

product benefits

Possibility of treating sensitive products
User friendly
Layer forming system integration
High accessibility


Trays with film
Trays with film
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Ares, single-column palletiser with in-line or 90 ° product infeed both available in the fixed pallet version and with High level infeed.

Ares is made up of a single column palletizing system and it is suitable for medium/high production capacity.

The palletizer can be individually adapted to suit your requirements thanks to its level compensation feature and different and innovative layer pick-up head.

The machine is equipped with a curtain clamp with the possibility of customization according to product needs or performance.

It is able to palletise different types of products, guaranteeing precision, reliability, minimum space and fast format changes.

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The purpose of the operation is to insert the cardboard layer-pad in the correct position in the shortest possible time and without hindering the movement of other elements such as, for example, the robot palletiser arm.
The system guarantees great autonomy for feeding the layer-pad and is suitable for both traditional and robotic palletizing installations.

  • Pallet with stacked interlayer pads is positioned on the upper conveyor

  • The scissor lift progressively raises the stack to the correct gripping position

  • Column type or robotic type interacting gripper puts the pads between the layers during the palletising phases

The scissor lift descends to the lower level of the conveyor to eject the pallet at the end of the pads

  • Self-centring motorised side guides for intermediate pads



The empty pallet infeed system supplies the palletiser with empty pallets, so that this task needs not be carried out manually.

The system is designed to guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of variations in pallet size. flexibility in terms of variations in pallet size.

The system may be used with 4 forks instead of 2, so as to be able to use half-pallets (also called “demi-pallets”).


MIZAR Layer Forming system

The phase of pack rotating and layer forming has the purpose of arranging the packs according to a specific configuration required for the following phase of palletising in order to guarantee the highest stability of the pallet and the optimal number of products / layer.

Manipulators are designed to provide a high performance infeed to all types of palletisers: 90°, in-line and with robots.
The task of the manipulator is to translate and/or rotate the product to form and compact the layer, minimizing shocks or stress, especially for fragile or unstable products.
The layer forming system using manipulators is flexible and extremely precise, it can handle any type of pack, even the most delicate.
There are three variants of manipulators: Cartesian, robot or gantry manipulators.
All versions use brushless motorised gripping heads to guarantee maximum precision and optimal control of the clamping force.
The forming belt is driven by brushless motors to ensure maximum stability of the packs.
A significant differentiating element of the manipulators is the accessibility to each area of the system: in case of need, the operator can reach any point for any intervention in maximum safety.

MIZAR Layer Forming system

Program maker

Software that simplifies the creation of palletising pattern thanks to a mainly graphic structure.
Thanks to the engineering that develops the software for our products and a dedicated research and development department, we can offer an interface that allows our customer to create and modify the palletising programs.
This very intuitive system allows you to check the picking and depositing settings through previews generated on the screen that display the result of the settings before the machine is started.
Starting from two simple information, pack size and pallet type, the system generates a series of palletising schemes that are the starting point for the choice of the desired sequence.
The 3-D previews that accompany the entered settings facilitate the definition of the work to be done and allow you to make changes and verify the result in real time.
Further, the programming interface navigation is sequential, so you will need to  complete all the steps to get a new palletising program.

Program maker

Gripper head for unstable products

We have a wide range of applications for their robotic gripping heads.
Each solution is specifically designed to handle the type of product requested in the most efficient way.

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case studies

Case studies

The collaboration between Robopac and Conserve Italia is historical, with actions mainly targeted at the French plants and Pomposa plant - one of the largest food factories in Italy - and aimed at the replacement of individual machines. In 2017 Robopac carried out a more complex project, which was the integration of a TC500 CW for glass bottles containing tomato puree to the already existing line.

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Case studies

With a widespread presence in over 120 countries around the world, Olitalia is a company specialized in the foodservice of oils and vinegars based in Forlì.

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