Cepsa is a multinational energy company committed to mobility and sustainable energy, with consolidated technical experience after more than 90 years of activity. The company also has a world-leading chemicals business, with increasingly sustainable operations.
CEPSA, an energy and chemical multinational with an important activity in the production, refining and distribution of fuels, lubricants and petrochemical products, has started up a new packaging line for lubricants.

This is why the company is increasingly focused on creating innovative production processes that have the lowest possible environmental impact and offer maximum operational efficiency. One of the most recent examples is the new Lubricantes packaging line in San Roque (Cadiz): automation, digitisation and attention to energy consumption are fully reflected in this new state-of-the-art plant, which has become a case study in efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

After examining the offer of specialised international companies, CEPSA turned to Aetna Group as a technology partner capable of meeting the high technical, environmental and production standards required in this particular sector. In fact, thanks to its consolidated skills, tailor-made approach (a precious legacy of Italian craftsmanship excellence), and a range of state-of-the-art products, Aetna Group has provided the Spanish multinational with a complete packaging line, actively contributing with a team of highly skilled engineers with extensive experience in automation and chemical product management in order to bring the latest technological innovations to this project.

Four main OCME and Robopac technologies can be found in the line in San Roque: the conventional Dorado model depalletiser, ideal for handling containers, with maximum safety and speed of up to 360 layers/hour; Libra, the rotary weight filler, specifically designed for the chemical sector and, therefore, to handle viscous liquid products with high precision when filling containers between 0.25 to 10 litres; Altair, wrap-around case erectors in the world, designed to wrap the die-cut carton around the products and seal the package with hot melt glue; and lastly, Palwrapp, the compact and modular palletiser with integrated wrapper from Robopac, which guarantees automation, speed and flexibility in the packaging line.

In terms of digital technology, the Line Information System has also been installed, an advanced production line supervision system that can be customised, according to specific characteristics and needs, which allows the machines to be connected and their production performance, consumption and process incidents to be monitored, both from the HMI (operator interfaces) and remotely, thanks to an independent software platform.

Thanks to the extensive experience of OCME and Robopac, the main brand of the Aetna Group, in the packaging solutions for lubricating oils, the Italian company was able to meet CEPSA's needs, working closely together to design a complete and advanced filling line, not only from a production point of view but also from an environmental point of view.
Indeed, in keeping with the philosophy of the Spanish multinational, each solution has been chosen and calibrated to meet even more sustainable growth: this is thanks to the implementation of simplified processes, intelligent machines with low energy consumption and the continuous monitoring and analysis of production parameters.


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