De Matteis Agroalimentare, with its brands Armando, Baronia and Donna Vera, is one of the main players in the dry pasta sector in Italy and Worldwide.

The company has always focused on the constant quality improvement of the entire durum wheat supply chain, enhancing the national agricultural heritage and offering to the market high quality, certified and traced products.

The plant, located in the Campania Apennines, is located near the main durum wheat plantation and it is one of the few Italian pasta factories to have an integrated wheat-pasta production cycle. Combining the most developed industry with agricultural knowledge, De Matteis is committed to reduce environmental impact. The realization of a cogeneration plant able to cover almost all the energy needs of the company, the reduction of plastic material in packaging, the reduction of pollutants and greenhouse gases are the proof. The wide range of products corresponds to a great variety of primary packaging, which is increasingly made of biodegradable and paper disposable materials: pillow bag and box shaped bags.

The introduction of modern, efficient, highly technological systems that can guarantee an agile, safe and performing production flow is part of a company design that sees innovation and sustainability as the only way for improvement and growth. In this context of excellence, the WA Major automatic solutions of the Tray & Lid range are the ideal technology to process boxes up to 600mmx400mm in size.

They allow secondary packaging of the bottom and lid type, both for pasta in boxes and pasta in bags.

As specifically required by the large-scale retail trade, this type of packaging has been fundamental in terms of eco-sustainability. In fact, it allowed the complete elimination of plastic from the packaging.

Thanks to a consolidated know-how in the Food & Beverage industry and a highly specialized workforce, the Sotemapack team has been able to renew the level of satisfaction, ensuring flexible, reliable and high performance solutions.


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