Libra LT In-line weight filler for drums

Libra LT | © OCME

Our linear weight filler is able to reach high performance thanks to our exclusive CPFP system which also allows us to reach the highest possible precision. An exclusive approach designed to garantee great savings to our customers on their products.

Libra LT | © OCME
Extremely compact machine
High filling accuracy
High precision without waste

product benefits

Certified and sealed load cells
Not affected by air bubbles in the product
Weight-based filling



200 L drums / Polymer drums


60 Liters


In the range of in-line fillers, OCME offers the Libra LT, a modular in-line weight filler for drums and kegs.

Libra LT has a painted steel base frame and stainless steel for the parts in contact with the product.

OCME applies a CPFP (Control Pressure Fine Phase) patented filling system, ensuring high filling accuracy on large containers.
The CPFP system is not affected by changes in supply pressure and increases production speed by 10%.

Production speed between 20 and 50 containers per hour (for semi-automatic versions) or between 50 and 150 containers per hour (for automatic versions).

option & data sheet

Bottom filling for manual capping mach

Bottom filling nozzle with motorized vertical carriage. This device allows to set the descent and the ascent of the nozzle while filling.

Safety device for nozzle “over-filling”

Electro-pneumatic safety device that prevents product leaking from nozzle in case of anomaly.


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