Robopac and OCME TECH HUB+ platform, designed to host the digital events that the group is developing to confirm its proximity to customers, suppliers and interested users, while confirming its constant commitment in the development of new and cutting-edge product and process technologies.

Numerous topics developed with new communication dynamics that always guarantee the reliability and presence of Robopac and OCME towards its stakeholders, ensuring the quality, attention and passion of a One Global Company that strongly believes in the future, as the best guarantee of the innovative evolution of the packaging world.


The logistics aspect will be also faced from various points of view: from the handling and feeding of empty containers to the management of the warehouse through LGVs. Moreover, we will analyse the handling of pallets or other products inside the various warehouses and the management of the warehouses themselves through evolved and dedicated software; finally, there will be a specific focus on laser-guided shuttles, enriched with in-depth analysis of the various types of shuttles and the safety of their movements and use.


From the wrapping of finished product line to the wrapping of unconventional products for logistics; from the analysis and implementation of the best solutions for pallet stability, thanks to the contribution of TechLab, to the wrapping of pallets of empty containers.

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