In august 2017 Robopac technicians completed the installation and start-up process of the Genesis wrapping machine, equipped with the most advanced Cube Technology and Rconnect system in the Dow Chemical Ibérica plant in Tarragona.

Dow Chemical is a Company that offers solutions to its customers, and with this purpose works on the application of innovative methods and techniques that allow them to adapt to each customer’s characteristics.

“With Robopac’s Genesis wrapper installation, we made the first step of a project for the implementation of a transport simulation laboratory” said Mr. Juan Ruiz, Project Manager.

“A simulator that will help us to detect key data not only for our customers, reducing costs, but for the entire community, limiting the terrestrial, aerial and maritime accidents, minimizing the loss of precious goods during transport and, last but not least, even helping the environment with the best optimization in the use of packaging material”.

Genesis stretch wrapping machine is equipped with the last generation pre-stretch carriage with two servomotors that allow the pre-stretch ratio variation up to 400% and the film tensioning control in different parts of the load during wrapping cycle.
“We needed a wrapping machine intended exclusively for research, development and innovation. Thanks to the wide variety of materials, qualities, thicknesses for our tests was fundamental the versatility in terms of pre-stretch, containment force, film tensioning, etc. and Cube Technology satisfies all these requirements”, claimed the Project Manager of Dow Chemical.

Robopac customize its wrapping machines and tailor them to each customers’ needs. “Robopac Ibérica staff immediately acknowledged our idea and perfectly tailored the wrapper in order to satisfy all our requirements”. About the work of Robopac’s technical team: “We particularly emphasize the level of security that was maintained during all the 5-day assembly phases of the line, and the great attention to details that distinguished the technicians, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and experience. We sincerely hope to rely on them for other projects in the future”, concluded Mr. Juan Ruiz of Dow Chemical.


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