AETNA GROUP ACQUIRES OCME 100%: A further step has been taken in building an integrated Group, world leader in packaging and logistics technologies. 

The consolidation strategy of the two industrial companies, ROBOPAC and OCME, has been implemented in advance to allow AETNA GROUP to optimize the technical, industrial and commercial synergies to face new challenges.

The Group is a world leader in the production of end-of-line machines and plants in the packaging sector, with headquarters in Emilia Romagna and a deep international presence. Indeed, the company counts over 1,500 employees, more than 700 of them are established abroad in production plants in the United States, Brazil and China. Additionally, there are 15 subsidiaries that provide excellent technical assistance and spare parts services in the main countries of the world like France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, Thailand, South Africa...

The size of the Group and the integration of products and processes, encourage a further boost of investment in technological and industrial innovation.
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