Robopac and OCME proudly participated in the three-day inauguration of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020. The noble Emilian city hosted a long weekend of celebrations including walks, exhibitions, concerts and opera that filled the city from Saturday 11 January, with the yellow parade “People of Parma” and concluded with a speech from Mayor Pizzarotti, on Monday 13 January, the day of the patron Saint Ilario.

The official ceremony took place on Sunday 12 January in the presence of the most important dignitaries - the mayor Federico Pizzarotti, Stefano Bonaccini the governor of Emilia-Romagna, Dario Franceschini the minister for cultural heritage and activities, Paola De Micheli the minister of infrastructure and with the presence of several mayors from the region - and of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who, in a crowded Teatro Regio, defined culture as "metronome of history. It is a key that allows us to understand the past, interpret the present and plan the future, to feel the history as ours and make us protagonists of its changes ". “Culture - he added - pushes us towards innovation, in making us aware of the path we have traveled, it gives us the courage to go forward together as a community. The slogan of the ceremony “beating time” also means this”.

The temporal concept is at the center of the inaugural exhibition of Parma 2020, Time Machine (Palazzo del Governatore, from 12 January to 3 May 2020), which was also visited by President Mattarella on Sunday. Alfredo Aureli, Valentina Aureli and Enrico Aureli, owners of Robopac-OCME who supported the event as official sponsor, assisted the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Dario Franceschini during the cutting of the ribbon, for an ideal beginning to this year which, we are sure, will be of great satisfaction.

The group plays a leading international role in the packaging world and has its headquarters in Castel San Pietro, with business units arranged along the main artery of Emilia Romagna. They strongly believe in the value of the territory and culture confined not only in the artistic sphere, but also in the entrepreneurial one, both cornerstones of successful development in the area.

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