Aetna Group has been selected among the 30 best performing Italian SMEs in the engineering sector. The survey made by ItalyPost and L'Economia del Corriere della Sera has identified the "Top Companies" that have been able to distinguish themselves during the period 2013-2019. In particular, among all the companies examined, Aetna Group achieved the highest CAGR in the period of reference: +22%.

Enrico Aureli, CEO of Robopac and OCME, during the event held on July 19th at Corriere della Sera headquarter in Milan, stressed the high technological value of Italian packaging machines, a leading sector worldwide. He also pointed out that, even during the lockdown, the Group has continued to offer excellent service to all its customers, as well as continuing its research and development activities, optimizing internal processes and cementing the closeness and collaboration with its employees and collaborators.

Concerning the sustainability, Aureli said that Italy's Packaging Valley has all the skills and technological capabilities to lead the industry's green transition worldwide.
Among the strategic objectives of Aetna Group, after the excellent performance of the period examined by the study, there is a further growth in turnover, with the constant development of new technological solutions and the consolidation of its presence in international markets.

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