OCME, in agreement with the Municipality of Parma and the Province of Parma, is providing an important contribution to the packaging of masks that will be distributed to citizens living in several Parma’s municipalities, completely free of charge.

Following the fruitful contacts with the Mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti and the President of the Province of Parma Diego Rossi, OCME has made itself available already from this morning for packaging the masks in single bags of 5 pieces each at the Parma plant.

Thanks to its technologies, OCME will therefore be able, within a few hours, to deliver the first medical devices that the authorities recommend to use in public places to contain the infection. The first batch of over 10,000 masks will be destined to the Municipality of Parma, followed by the packaging of further thousands of masks for other municipalities in the province.

"As already done at the other headquarters of the Robopac group for the province of Rimini - commented Alfredo, Enrico and Valentina Aureli, president and CEOs of the group. We have decided to carry out this activity at the service of the community of Parma and the province, to continue doing our part in this period of emergency and to be close to the territories in which our companies operate. OCME is strongly linked to Parma and this strong roots are among the reasons for its success in world markets. We believe that together we will succeed".

The Mayor of Parma, Federico Pizzarotti, declared :

"I sincerely thank OCME, the Aureli family and all the employees for this spontaneous gesture emergency support much appreciated by our community. It is an example that when a territory teams up, even the most difficult challenges can be overcome".

The President of the Province of Parma Diego Rossi added,

"I really appreciated the sensitivity shown by this important company in our territory in making itself available and supporting the institutions involved in this emergency. On behalf of the municipalities in the area, I would like to thank the workers and the owners of OCME also for the speed shown".

OCME will certainly pay the utmost attention to all health aspects. The complete sanitation of the machines and the area used for packaging the masks has already been carried out. The operators are adopting all the necessary health precautions and prescriptions, wearing gloves, gown, mask and glasses.

All packaging operations will therefore be carried out according to the strictest safety and hygiene criteria both for the product and the work environment: the appropriate distances between the staff will be maintained, perfect hand cleaning will be ensured before removing the masks, and the work surface will be perfectly sanitized. The masks will be packed in clean disposable containers using a suitable packaging film.

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