Last Saturday OCME had the pleasure to participate and host an important cultural initiative promoted by the Culture Department of Parma Municipality with the association CulturaItaliae entitled S.E.M.I. 2018 - Stories of Excellence, Merit and Innovation, held last weekend (9-10-11 November) in various companies, museums and art places in Parma, including our company Visitor Center.

The event held at our HQ saw the members of the CulturaItaliae association meet for a workshop on the theme of integration between science, culture and business.

The initiative is at national level and aims to promote culture as an ethical and economic engine for the development of Italy.

Particularly in the working sessions there was discussion on the topic "Without Roots No Seeds. Without Seeds No Root" trying to reflect on the Italian cultural roots and on the need to draw inspiration from them for the future of the country.

This is just one of the initiatives promoted by OCME to stimulate the relationship and dialogue with the territory so these events, just like the theme of the event, can be the seed to strengthen the roots between OCME and the community.


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