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Antares Depalletizer for cases and crates

Antares | © OCME

Reach high flexibility thanks to our modular depalletisers Renowned for its high reliability and designed to handle different a various range of products, our integrated depalletisers allow your line to reach high efficiency.

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Antares | © OCME
Industry 4.0 ready
Suitable for various sectors
Extremely compact and sturdy machine
Maximum precision and safety during layer transfer phase

product benefits

HMI user friendly
Wide range of customization
Possibility of processing various types of packs
Inverter-controlled pallet conveyors
Maximum precision and safety during layer transfer phase
Operator platform for pallet unwrapping operations


Carton | © OCME


OCME offers a series of high performance depalletisers, designed to handle crates or cases.

Our  range is composed of traditional solutions designed to handle boxes, such as our Antares depalletiser, as well as robotic solutions for bulk trays or containers.

Our experience in handling products of different shapes and materials has allowed us to study and develop high-technology and  innovative solutions to answer all your needs.

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Customization according to the customer specifications

Machine version suitable for handling no standard pallets

Side conveyor for gradually outgoing product without pressure

Strap removing device and chopper

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