palletizing and depalletizing

Pegasus Depal Robotic depalletizer for bulk containers

Pegasus Depal | © OCME

Robotic solution for dedicated depalletizing operations for bulk containers The robotic solution is extremely flexible allowing to create different configurations with inlets/outlets oriented in any direction. The maximum speed achievable by Pegasus D is 240 layers/hour

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Pegasus Depal | © OCME
High speed solution
Possibility to depalletise two codes simultaneously
Extremely flexible configurations

product benefits

High-level equipment with highest safety standards
Technology that allows maximum control of movements and forces at play
Perfect inspection visibility during normal working cycle
Easy accessibility during maintenance
Compact solution

compared to traditional solutions needed to depalletize two different codes

Inverter-controlled pallet conveyors


Hdpe containers and jerry cans
Hdpe containers and jerry cans
Glass bottles
Glass bottles


The Pegasus D allows you to depalletize the pallets by placing layers of bulk product in the production line.
The stripping of the pallet is done on a special platform by the operator that allows the entry into the machine.

The robotized depalletizing head takes the layer from the pallet with the bulk products and deposits it on the belt.

In this phase the single-column device stabilizes the underlying layer that will be picked up later.

The layer positioned on the layer deposited on the belt will be removed by a specific beam device or directly from the head through an optional implementation.

The containers are removed from the storage belt and alligned on single line conveyors.

The machine is completed with the pallet handling conveyors system and any optional accessory device.

option & data sheet

Customization according to the customer specifications

Machine version suitable for handling no standard pallets

Side conveyor for gradually outgoing product without pressure

Strap removing device and chopper

tank neck orientation control


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