Rainbow Packaging Line was the name chosen by Ocme for the solution that was custom-designed for an important customer in soft-drinks industry.

A highly flexible, high-performance answer to the major beverage brand's increasingly specific needs.

With its bespoke design, tailored to Pepsi and its market needs, OCME provided a new, fully automatic setup whose high level of flexibility, combined with high-speed operation, allows the company to palletise bottles containing different flavoured drinks on a single tray, without having to change gripping heads.

This setup, christened the Rainbow Packaging Line, lets users choose the desired mix of flavours and the number of rows for each flavour. An innovative arrangement that comprises three main operating modes, from single flavour production - with a depalletising island switched off and the traypacker (that produces single flavour trays) receiving bottles from the line - to the online mixed flavour production mode - with a depalletised island operating and the traypacker receiving bottles from both the depalletising unit and the main line. Last but not least, is the offline mixed flavour mode, in which a main line is switched off and the traypacker only receives bottles from the depalletisation unit.

A high-profile solution that, as well as allowing flexible productivity, broadens the range of marketing opportunities for Pepsi to include multi-brand promotions and P.O.P merchandising displays, and allowing greater rotation of the stocks of its products. 

The RAINBOW System for Loose PET Bottles in display trays is the newborn OCME application and it represents the future of packaging especially in markets where distribution room is very small.
The concept is to package trays of 800x600 mm dimensions containing different flavors of loose bottles, at high speed with as greater flexibility as possible in terms of configuration, and combining the mix of flavors, to an easy and quick format change.

The RAINBOW System allows to work with bottles of different capacities: from 1 liter up to 2.25 liters, with a range up to 4 flavors for each tray, with the additional advantage of being able to completely work in “offline mode” re-working bottles coming from the warehouse.

OCME has design for this application a lot of new devices that are “Patent pending”.

The end-of-line chosen for this innovative packaging line is a high-performance Genesis Thunder/2 rotating ring stretch wrapper with double pre-stretch carriage for hourly production over 150 pallets/h.

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