A new digital experience is coming: from April 12 to 16 Promat DX - Digital Experience will be held, the US-based world exhibition dedicated to all the organizational, managerial and strategic activities that govern the flows of materials and the relative technological solutions at the service of the production chain.

Through the website https://www.promatshow.com/ it will be possible to register free of charge, that will allow visitors to get in direct contact with companies and receive personalized advice.
Five days full of meetings, seminars and demos that will see Robopac and OCME, together with their subsidiary Robopac USA, among the leading companies, presenting a selection of the fastest and most advanced packaging technologies and material handling systems, adaptable to any production line and to the needs of the different international markets.

Throughout seven explanatory demos, each one lasting 10 minutes, we will review the features, advantages and performance of Robopac and OCME solutions aimed at meeting the most diverse needs related to logistics and the development of different processes.

Specifically, OCME will present a demo entirely dedicated to automatic LGV laser-guided vehicles. "How to automate a warehouse with high intensity and density rotation" is the title that highlights the great precision and flexibility of LGVs, able to move easily and at high speed in any type of industrial layout.

Two demos are dedicated to Robopac System products: "Robopac automatic wrapping solutions for picking and logistic applications" and, to complete, "Robotic palletization inside Robopac automatic wrapper".
The first demo introduces Helix Evo, Helix Max and Genesis Thunder. Helix Evo and Helix Max are automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers, known for their excellent performance and maximum flexibility.
GenesisThunder is the top-of-the-range rotating ring pallet stretch wrapping machine for wrapping and stabilizing loads on pallets, which guarantees a reduction in the cost of consumables, improved wrapping quality and less damage to the palletized load during transport.

In particular, the focus is on Genesis Futura which provides a fixed rotating ring and the product is placed on an elevator that descends during the cycle to cover the height of the pallet. The solution with Rotoplat instead consists of a robotized system that positions the product on the rotating table, one layer at a time; each layer deposited is wrapped by the turntable before the next layer will be placed.

Robot S7 is the focus of the first demo proposed by Robopac Machinery, where the efficiency, safety and flexibility of the new model of self-propelled packaging machine with stretch film are highlighted, ideal for handling products of any size, shape and weight.
This was followed by the presentation of the Rototech CS-CW, an automatic stretch film wrapping machine ideal for particularly unstable products.
"Low infeed palletizer" is the title of the last demo that concerns Toptier solutions for particular palletizing operations.

A complete overview of products and technological solutions able to optimize the end-of-line processes and structure logistic dynamics to ensure greater productivity and work agility. A need for many companies that, in the face of new needs related to the pandemic, have decided to strengthen organizational, managerial and strategic activities and introduce innovative technological solutions at the service of the production chain.
Being a partner for all industrial realities that require maximum flexibility in terms of logistics and warehouse management is the objective of Robopac and OCME, which look at ProMatDX as a great opportunity for visibility and learning.


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