The attention to sustainable mobility has been at the center of initiatives that involved the City of Parma from 16 to 22 September last. OCME has long been committed to this very topical issue, and the Parma-based company, leader in the design and production of packaging machines, has been awarded the "Mobility Innovation 2019" prize for its commitment to mobility management projects.

The main theme of the week was active mobility, pedestrian and cycling, with the slogan: "Walk with us!". - Let's walk together", with home-work trips that represent an important area of intervention to promote sustainable mobility by replacing the private car with the bike, but also the possibility of reaching the workplace on foot, or by sustainable means such as urban public transport, car sharing, bike sharing or carpooling.

OCME has long been active in the process of raising awareness among its employees, as well as in its focus on supporting quality projects.

This attention is part of a wider programme dedicated to environmental sustainability and social welfare. OCME in fact supports and encourages sustainable operating practices and production systems, an integral part of OCME's development in terms of procurement and supply. Furthermore, OCME requires its suppliers to continuously improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

The results achieved in terms of energy efficiency and waste management are remarkable. In fact, 90% of the total quantity of industrial waste is recovered and 42% of the energy used by OCME is self-produced thanks to the photovoltaic system. Over the years, a 37% reduction in CO2 emissions has been achieved.

Compliance with all relevant regulations, attention to sustainable economic challenges and attention to the well-being of employees in terms of both health and safety complete a profile that makes sustainability an authentic key word in everyday life.

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