The ongoing health emergency, which is putting a strain on the entire national health care system, inevitably leads to make priority choices; in this last year, unfortunately, the data show that has been paid less attention to the prevention of oncological diseases.

Breast diseases, which are increasingly frequent, are often asymptomatic, but can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage.

For this reason ANDOS Parma (National Association of Breat Operated Women), for many years, has been carrying out a campaign to raise awareness among women, about the need to undergo regular check-ups, even if there are no symptoms.

ANDOS Parma is officially accredited by the Ministry of Health for the prevention activity and early diagnosis of cancer diseases.

This year the CRAL OCME, on Women's Day, decided to offer a special gift to all the Ocme female employees:

OCME and ANDOS Parma are promoting an important health project, aimed at offering to its employees the opportunity to undergo a free breast check-up, consisting of a medical examination and ultrasound, carried out by medical specialists.

The company is extremely convinced that the well-being and the quality of life of its workers are an urgent priority in order to have a good company atmosphere, emphasizing the unique value of each employee, that has to be preserved in the interest of the community.

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