There would be no great machines without the people who daily put their heart into innovating and implementing company projects.

OCME’s story is made up of numerous talented people, who develop in the company, thanks to the numerous activities that reconcile work and family, with benefits not only for the individual employee but their whole family.

For this reason, OCME has joined the “Giocampus” educational alliance as a member, supporting the Organizing Committee, for the implementation of the numerous projects that they have developed over the last 18 years.

“Giocampus” is a multi-award-winning project with European recognition, who every year involves thousands of children on the Parma university campus in recreational sports, physical education, food and environmental activities.

Over time it has developed several projects that have seen the active involvement of the city in all its components.

The children who attend these projects learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, through a playful and fun approach, both on physical education and food education, following a "learning by doing" approach.

The Parma community has always been ready to work together when talking about children and their future, and for the same reason, the commitment of new companies in the area, provides even more value to the project, with the intention to work together to promote good social development based on sound science.

Elio Volta, head of the Giocampus project, visited OCME on March 12th and declared:

"I did not know OCME personally except through some positive comments from friends: High technology, skill and international vision are combined with sincerity and linked to our area and community. I received a warm welcome and I immediately felt at home, I also received a sincere and genuine interest in our projects.

It is a great pleasure to have OCME in the “Giocampus” project, to build together, a more sustainable and equal future for our children.”

Carlotta Gatteschi, OCME Vice-President commented on the occasion:

“In our hearts we have taken a special interest in sustainability as a value, which we keep in mind when designing our plants and in activities that have an impact on our area. Following this path, it seemed only fitting to join a project such as “Giocampus” who look to future generations with optimism. It is also a worthy investment back to the community that has helped to make OCME's name well-known globally"


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