OCME believes and invests heavily in the region in which it operates, it maintains constant relations with public institutions and the local community in order to increase visibility within the industry but, above all, to create future job opportunities.

With this in mind, the leading company in the production of technologies and machinery for end-of-line packaging has organized an event dedicated to deserving students of the ITIS "Leonardo Da Vinci" Technical Institute of Parma.

The company, sponsored a visit to Amphion-les-Bains, France, where Evian’s water is produced and bottled and it’s plant is considered one of the largest in the world. Evian is a brand of the French food processing group Danone and its water is sold in more than 140 countries worldwide.

The springs are located in Évian-les-Bains, in the French Haute-Savoie: From there, through stainless steel pipes, the water is conveyed to the Amphion-les-Bains’ plant, where it is bottled. Here lies the vast 130,000 square meter plant, which uses only renewable energy sources to carry out its production. In addition, France’s largest private railway station is also part of the plant, which is responsible for 65% of the production handling.

OCME has always supported initiatives aimed at bringing the school world closer to the workplace, and for decades has been working with the ITIS "Leonardo Da Vinci" institute to develop the future talents of the HUB in Parma’s Packaging Valley.

During the visit to Evian’s plant, the students were able to see for themselves the excellence and technology of the packaging and end-of-line processes. Being able to follow the complete production process, starting from the hydrogeological basin, where rainwater is filtered, and finishing where it emerges after a natural filtration of 15 years.

The guided tour of the production system and its various production phases - from bottling to packaging, palletizing and handling - aroused the greatest interest among the students who were able to see one of the largest automated plants in the world, completed by witnessing the operation of some of the OCME machines in full production.

"After this experience, I think that OCME is a company that tries to build a future for young people", commented one of the students involved in the visit. "I had already heard about OCME at school, but seeing its machinery running was a really interesting and spectacular experience".

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