The project Moving (creative) Ideas: OCME, all’Opera! for the Teatro Regio of Parma is among the winners of the open call "Imprese Creative Driven" promoted in 2019 by the City of Parma and the Committee for Parma 2020, with the support of "Parma, I'm in! " and Unione Parmense of the industry, the collaboration of CISITA and the scientific coordination of Promo PA Foundation, with the aim of bringing creativity and culture to business and promote the relationship between the entrepreneurial and cultural sectors, collecting project proposals designed to stimulate creativity and access to culture in the candidate companies.

Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21 has set itself the objective of contributing to consolidate the public-private system, with particular attention to the growth of cultural and creative businesses, and to promote accessibility and contamination between culture, businesses, urban fabric, suburbs and local communities: for this reason it has promoted four open calls, including the one to promote creative driven entrepreneurship as a driver force for innovation and territorial development, in light of the active dialogue that develops between culture, creativity and business logic.

The call "Imprese Creative Driven", which closed on January 24, 2020 with 50 candidate projects of which 8 have been awarded, was launched to promote those realities that, although not part of the system of cultural and creative enterprises, consider culture as a real input of the production process, conveying creative and innovative content compared to the economic system of reference.

The project of the Teatro Regio that has been awarded Moving (creative) Ideas: OCME, all’Opera! declines the claim of OCME, "Moving Ideas", in the cultural, artistic and aesthetic aspects developed and promoted by the Regio in almost two hundred years of history, to bring the spirit and essence in OCME.

Using a transversal team - made up of 20 OCME workers and workers from the Teatro Regio and expert trainers who will use the AGC (Active Group Coaching) methodology, using group dynamics as a multiplier of learning - the experience of each individual will be enhanced and shared in the group. Through targeted activities and an experiential mode, borrowed from the theater and oriented to expressiveness, Teatro Regio aims to make participants experiment new forms of communication and co-creation.

The primary goal of the project is to have a concrete impact on the well-being of the people who work in OCME: a greater emotional involvement of the people who work has a positive impact on the whole company and the entire territory. The company is no longer just a place of professional transit, but can develop a sense of belonging and become a vector of culture, all the more aware as it develops a distinct attention to its resources and opens up to the new. The project therefore provides the company with creative development practices that can be fed and perpetuated with continuity in the medium and long term.

The project of the Teatro Regio in Parma will give life and concreteness to creative thinking working on the premises of the company's dining room, to improve them taking into account the real needs of OCME workers. Enriching the environment with new elements created together with the workers is an extraordinary example of active participation and the trainers will have the task of stimulating and guiding the elaboration of the experience. Making the company its own with an expressive and creative movement is a powerful tool for the development of the company's wellbeing and sense of belonging and is an important communication vehicle for both inside and outside the company.

The project makes available the heritage of technical, creative, artisan knowledge, an extraordinary gift of the production capacity of the Regio. At the base of the project, the desire to make the Theatre known to companies and the territory from a different perspective, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration and offering projects that can benefit the Theatre's activities not only in an institutional sense. The workers of Teatro Regio, many of whom have been working in the theater for 15, 30, 40 years, have been handing down knowledge and historical techniques since 1829, but they know how to look at industry 4.0, embracing innovation and digital, thanks to their ability to decline it according to the needs and objectives most functional to the progress of the theater.

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