AChilean multinational company active for almost 100 years in many countries around the world with the production of wood, pulp, tissue paper, packaging products and products for the protection of domestic and non-domestic sanitary ware. The company offers eco-sustainable solutions that satisfy the customers thanks to their quality, competitiveness and being manufactured from entirely renewable sources.

Robopac and OCME have been chosen for the high performance of their technologies applied to packaging in general and to the tissue sector in particular, where modularity allows to design flexible layouts according to the customer’s needs, including available space.

For this important company, Robopac and OCME have set up an entire line with 13 robotized palletizers, 3 rotating wrapping machines and 8 laser-guided vehicles with battery and automatic transmission.

This system is designed and developed by OCME and Robopac engineering department according to the customer's directives, it allows to palletize and wrap stacked pallets with packaging and cartons containing toilet and kitchen paper rolls.

In this way, it was possible to achieve 4 objectives:

- palletizing flexibility and high speed;

- product care and warehouse management;

- traceability and materials management;

- monitoring, analysis and reporting of line efficiency.


The entrance to the various islands is 1200 mm, a measure that allows easy access for an operator able to manage 4 islands simultaneously.

Pegasus, the result of OCME technology, was chosen for palletizing: it is a high-speed palletizing robot, combined with great flexibility, capable of handling various types of products and formats at record speed.


In some production lines, 3 robots were used to palletize other 10 lines at the same time: one robot is programmed with 4 codes and one input, the other 2 have 3 codes and 3 independent inputs. Once the first pallet is finished, the robot unstacks the second one and places it on the previous one, creating at the end a column with 2 stacked pallets.

According to the line speed and palletizing scheme, the robot collects one or more cartons and stores them in the correct position. At the end, the conveyors move them into the exchange zone. Each line is independent, to ensure maximum flexibility and the best efficiency of the system.


Conveying in the wrapping areas takes place by the Auriga, OCME's laser-guided shuttles equipped with a highly reliable guidance and correction system, which offers both ease of implementation and operational flexibility. The Auriga will be equipped with a upper presser that will allow higher production speed, while guaranteeing pallet stability and flatness.


The packaging is made by Robopac Genesis Futura 40, a stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring to wrap and stabilize loads on pallets with stretch film; it uses Cube Technology™ to carry out the necessary amount of film, in the most effective position, with the most suitable containment force for the product, optimizing costs and consumption and improving productivity.

In the system designed for the Chilean company the pallets are individually packed and each full column is composed of two stacked pallets: Genesis starts wrapping the lower pallet then, once the cycle is finished and the film is cut, it moves to the upper pallet and starts a new wrapping cycle.


Traceability is guaranteed by the continuous signal exchange between the Auriga LGV system and the loading/unloading stations. Among the advantages of Auriga, besides not requiring the installation of rails inside the plant, there is the possibility of automatically transporting the pallets of raw materials to the production lines. Once the packaging is finished, both pallets stacked on top of each other are individually labeled to ensure line traceability. An empty pallet control system is installed near the wrapping area to check quality and destination.


Among the solutions offered by Robopac and OCME there is also a state-of-the-art monitoring, communication and analysis tool. This service, thanks to a remote connection and high security protocols, allows to monitor and control through custom dashboards the performance and efficiency of machines and lines, and to provide stop analysis and customized reports. This allows the engineers of the Robopac and OCME team to ensure extremely high performance and rapid assistance, to make the necessary improvements to the line.

The machines, in fact, exchange data with each other in many applications, communicating with each other - as well as with the staff - to develop customized solutions. This communication is possible thanks to an intelligent supervision system, fully customizable according to line characteristics and customer requests, which can monitor both OCME machines and different plants, using the most common communication protocols to provide a complete overview of the production line. In this way, the work of all machines on all production lines can be controlled through an intuitive and interactive user interface that can be used both in remote control rooms and in production areas.

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